VFR Equipped Aircraft

         Aluminum Alloy Monocoque Construction          “Continental” 0-200 - Factory NEW
         large Cabin Area          100-bhp @ 2,800 RPM
         All-Moving Rudder (+20 Knots C/W)          “Sensenich” Propeller
         Heavy Duty Steerable Nosewheel          Propeller Spinner
         Super Duty Aluminum Gear          Carburetor Heat
         Heavy Duty Braking Power          Super Fast Start Electric Starter
         800x6 Tires & Wheels / Brakes          Spin-On Oil Filter
         Locking doors with key*          Huge Inspection Panels
CABIN FEATURES:          Easily Removable Engine Cowls
         Side-By-Side Seating          Left & Right Exhaust System
         Huge 50-Inch Wide Cabin          Easy Access Oil Dip-Stick
         Cabin Entry From Both Sides
         Large Rear Baggage Compartment  
         Adjustable Shoulder Harness Seat Belts ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:
         Tough Vinyl Upholstery          12 Volt Electrical System
         Cabin room for + 6 1/2 Feet Tall          12 Volt Gel-Cell Battery
         Cabin heat system          Master Switch & Circuit Breakers
CONTROL SYSTEM FEATURES:          Dual Ignition (Engine)
         Nosewheel – Fully Steerable          Avionics Master Switch
         Dual Rudder (Pedal) Controls          Cigarette lighter 12 Volt Outlet
         Wing Flaperons (Electric)          Alternator
         Electric Elevator Trim Control FUEL SYSTEM:
         Dual Hydraulic Toe Brakes          Easy Access Gascolator
         Vernier Mixture Control          Fuel Drain Valves
         Heavy Duty  Throttle Control          Welded Aluminum Wing Fuel Tanks
         Carburetor Heat Control          Large Gas Tanks, 24 Gal Total
         Single Y control sticks          Electric Fuel Pump (Auxiliary)
           "Andair" fuel selector valve
         Paint - one color AVIONICS - OPTIONS (see the prices)    

Garmin G3X
  • G3X Touch system with 10.6” display, built-in GPS navigation and all the other great standard features that go along with it.
  • ADS-B Out compliant transponder paired with the GPS 20A (compliant ADS-B Out position source).
  • Dual frequency ADS-B In receiver for a complete traffic picture independent of ADS-B ground stations. Also gives you subscription
  • Garmin Connext capability with Garmin Pilot flight planning software, Virb action cameras and more.
  • Remote mount GTR 20 10W COM with built-in stereo intercom, auto-squelch and 3D audio.

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