(not available in North America)



 Continental 0-200A 100 HP

Sensenich Propeller

G3X Touch system with 10.6” display

Airframe: All aluminum airframe, upholstered interior (fabric), white paint on exterior, electric elevator trim, Grove 5.00x5 aviation tires and wheels with dual hydraulic brakes, electric flap, tinted canopy, aluminum extra Heavy Duty gear system. ELT, Engine Monitoring System.

See VFR equipment list for all items.

Aircraft comes with a one year parts replacement warranty. See warrantee form for details.

Price does not include a NAV-COM




BRS Parachute system                  

Wing tip lights and strobes/tail light - installing in all aircraft ($1,200)  
Taxi/landing/cabin lights - installing in all aircraft ($990.00)  
Cabin cover  

Cabin heat


Dual control sticks. This option replaces the standard "Y" center stick with dual control sticks  - installing in all aircraft ($890.00)


Custom paint. $1,500 per color (comes with standard one color $3,500.00)


Wing lockers - L+R wing


SRS airbag seatbelts L+R seat   

Extra air vents  
Alternate static (similar to certified aircraft Alarus)  
Co-pilot brakes ($450.00)  
Parking brake  
Heated pitot (similar to certified aircraft Alarus)  

Wheel fairings. Fiberglass wheel fairings increase aerodynamics, and give the ZODIAC XL a sleeker look.         Set of 3

Stall warning buzzer  
Battery Power Plug  
Fabric Seats & Cabin Sides (does not include Temper foam)  
Temper Foam Seat Bottoms  
ELT ($1,290.00)  
Electric aileron trim  
Electric elevator trim  
Electric flaps  
Tow Bar  
Avionics - Garmin etc. Please call. Auto pilot available.  

 All Dynon or Garmin and other equipment options / prices are subject to change without notice. Above prices includes installation and required hardware such as antennas. Items such as XM Satellite Radio Services are not included in the above prices.




All prices and information including standard equipment is subject to change without notice. All prices in USD.  Jan 2021