ZODIAC Operating Cost

The purpose of this worksheet is to predict the amount of income that might be generated from the operation of a Zodiac 650B in a flying school environment.  Note that engine used is the Continental 0-200A

The combination of acquisition costs, operating expenses as well as market-rate rental-fees, will determine profitability.

Operating Expenses







Gallon per hour







Price per gallon / MOGAS







Fuel per hour







Quarts per hour







Price per quart







Oil per hour







Engine TBO (hrs)







Cost of TBO







TBO $ per hour







100 hr Inspection







Time for Inspection (hrs)







$ per hour (mechanic)







Cost of inspection per flight hour







Cost of Parts per 100 hr. insp.







$ of parts/hr.







Insurance/year for a private pilot







Insurance per hour based on 300 hours/year














Total Cost per Hour


























Note A: One of the main costs savings is that the Zodiac is 100% manufactured in North America. Parts availability and parts cost is excellent! A&P mechanics can purchase standard wear-&-tear items and hardware from places such as Aircraft Spruce & Specialty  (when buying an import aircraft,  and you need a new wing, how will it be replaced? what will the shipping costs be, when will you get it?)

Note B: The Zodiac has an aluminum airframe, has standard aircraft systems such as wheels and brakes and firewall forward including engine, muffler and propeller. All these are well known to any A&P. That is another cost savings (with a composite airframe, what qualified A&P can work on it?. Same for engine and propeller).



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