ZODIAC 650 B Design Detail

The ZODIAC is a sleek and docile aircraft, ideal for both local and long cross-country flights. The ZODIAC offers comfortable two-place side-by-side seating in an ergonomically designed 44-inch wide cabin. The huge tinted bubble canopy, which provides outstanding 360 degree visibility, is hinged on both sides of the cabin, to allow access from either side of the aircraft. Access to the cabin is easy over the 20-inch wide reinforced wing walkway on both sides of the cockpit, and facilitated by a ‘step’ located below the trailing edge of the wing.


The ZODIAC design is the product of extensive research and development, and the result of professional engineering by Chris Heintz, a leading designer of light aircraft. The modern ZODIAC design makes use of advanced technologies, while using proven design concepts and simple systems for easy assembly and maintenance. A professional design, the ZODIAC structure has undergone a complete and rigorous flight test and design stress analysis.
Developed for the low time pilots but also for demanding recreational pilots, the ZODIAC aircraft is the ideal Light Sport Aircraft.

Simple systems, modern materials, and design ingenuity minimize required maintenance, and make the ZODIAC easy to build and fly, affordable, and very durable.

ZODIAC CH 650 WING. The all metal ZODIAC wings are made up of a single cantilevered spar with near full-span piano type hinged ailerons. 

The high-lift low-drag airfoil provides an efficient cruise speed, as well as desired slow flight and gentle stall characteristics. Hoerner wing tips have become a trademark of Heintz designs.   The tapered tips maximize the effective lift area of the wing while minimizing the wing span.

The wingtip is fitted with a fiberglass fairing to accommodate a wingtip strobe and/or navigation light.

 The rugged LANDING GEAR is by far the toughest in the industry. Designed for low time pilots and students, the +30 lbs piece of aluminum absorbers energy making for a smoother landing. Composite gears bounce the aircraft. Large STANDARD AVIATION wheels and tires (500x5) and a heavy-duty nose gear ‘bungee’ shock absorber provides effective rough field capabilities, while minimizing gear maintenance and complexity. The main wheels are equipped with STANDARD AVIATION hydraulic disk brakes, and optional wheel-pants (fiberglass fairings) are available to provide additional aerodynamics to the sleek aircraft. Direct linkage from the rudder pedals to the nosewheel provides very effective ground handling capability.



The ZODIAC TAIL features a full flying (all-moving)
vertical tail (rudder) selected for maximum cross-wind capability (+20 knots). The all-flying rudder provides responsive rudder control, while also minimizing weight and complexity (there’s only one vertical tail section). Two rudder bearings bolt to the rear fuselage to fix the rudder to the fuselage.
horizontal tail sections are made up of the elevator and the stabilizer. The elevator is equipped with a standard electric trim tab.





The REAR FUSELAGE has a basic rectangular section with a rounded top. The bottom fuselage is flat, and aesthetically rounded at the front to join the sleek fiberglass engine cowl. Simple, VERY TOUGH and EASY TO MAINTAIN. A large inspection panel is located in the rear fuselage bottom. Seat backs are hinged so that they can be moved forward for maintenance access to control cables and flap motor.



 Ailerons, flaps and elevator use “piano type” full length hinges which requires virtually no maintenance. Easy to replace, easy to inspect.
CABIN SIZE. The ZODIAC's cabin is ergonomically designed for comfortable side-by-side seating... even for larger pilots.  The ZODIAC's seating arrangement provides "Lazy-Boy" comfort, even on long cross-country flights.   The cabin has been designed to fit both large and tall pilots (up to 6'6" in some cases).

The roomy ZODIAC cabin is equipped with a large instrument panel Dual throttle (option) controls are mounted on both sides of the panel for easy access. The dual control sticks makes the aircraft easy to teach, with trim and PPT switches on the pilot stick. The dual rudder pedals also steer the nose-wheel, and are equipped with standard hydraulic toe-brakes on the pilot’s and co-pilots side.  There is plenty of room behind the instrument panel (20") to accommodate full custom instruments and avionics. Following is a sample panel with gyro instruments and a GPS/Comm and transponder installed.


Its easy to access the cabin from either side of the aircraft.

General aviation type Landing / Taxi Lights are installed on the pilot wing, near the tip.    



Seat back folds down for easy access to rear fuselage - great for maintenance inspections.

Map box and arm rest


Located inside the wing (behind the spar), the optional Wing Baggage Locker increases baggage space with dual wing baggage lockers.  Each locker measures approx. 19" (48 cm.) x 16" (40.5 cm.) x 9" (23 cm.) tall.

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