Zodiac 650 B


           classic and fun,

                   at a fraction of the cost!



             The Zodiac 650 B is the perfect Light Sport Aircraft. With more than 1,000 flying around the world, it is a proven design: Sleek and sporty, yet tough, simple and reliable.

The Zodiac is ideally suited for the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category: It's maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and top speed are maximized for the LSA category; It is all-metal, similar to a Piper or Cessna aircraft, and uses the very popular Continental 0-200 (100 HP) engine, as with the Cessna 150.  

With the same certified engine, the all-aluminum Zodiac S-LSA is roomier, has better visibility and easily out-performs the Cessna 150. These features will please both pilots and mechanics!


Why buy Zodiac 650 B ?

  • Built in the USA
  • All aluminum airframe (long life; easy to maintain, super tough)
  • Continental 0-200 engine (certified FAR 33, ready for any mechanic)
  • Sensenich fixed-pitch propeller (allowed for night/IFR)
  • Large cabin area (Maximum comfort, ample baggage space)
  • Excellent performances (out-performs C-150 in every way with same engine)
  • Proven design   (more than 1,000 flying!)
  • Highest quality standards
  • Low insurance cost
  • IFR certified - the Zodiac LSi


The redesigned Zodiac - Best LSA on the market!

  Design your dream panel, paint scheme and interior


 Full IFR panel with the all new Flight Display system from Aspen Avionics and Garmin avionics


All information is subject to change without notice.  09/2010